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The Beginning

Domtech is a leading provider of IT Solutions in Lebanon and the Middle East. Domtech was founded by entrepreneurial brothers Hicham Hage, Rabih Hage, and Nabil Hage in 1997.

Hicham Hage has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical  and Computer Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Rabih Hage has a Master of Business Administration degree from Notre Dame University.

The three brothers were determined to make technology easily accessible to everyone and knew that in doing so they would contribute to the growth of Lebanon and the Middle East.

Hicham Hage

Executive Director

Rabih Hage

Managing Director

Nabil Hage

Finance Director

Company Philosophy

The philosophy of the company is that as technology continues to improve so should customer service. There is a great level of emphasis put on communication, transparency and a dedication to go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

Domtech is committed to providing customers with the best possible IT solutions to meet their individual and business needs. Technology implementation is not viewed as a sales process but rather as a solution delivery mechanism designed to not only meet current business needs but establish a roadmap to deal with future challenges and requirements.

Our services


Domtech is proud to be in partnership with industry leaders such as Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Canon, Cisco, IBM, VMware and many more. Domtech continues to grow and integrate new solutions and partners as it aims to not only solve the problems of the present, but of the future as well.

Our partners

Present Day

Due to commitments to both people and technology, Domtech is now recognized as one of the leading IT companies in Lebanon and has continued to experience dramatic growth in clients that exist across every vertical market including Education, Banking, Financial, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Media, Real Estate and many more.

With strong leadership and technical teams that specialize in engineering, computer systems, networking, storage, virtualization, security, programming, web design and consulting, Domtech is well positioned to provide your company the best IT solutions.

Our team